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CDM 2015 Consultancy

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, (CDM) were introduced in the UK in 1995 and placed legal duties on parties involved in construction projects with regards to health and safety.

After their introduction in 1995, the CDM Regulations have been revised and superseded to their current version - CDM 2015.

In summary the main changes from CDM 2007 to CDM 2015 include:

  • Removal of the CDM Co-ordinator. This role is replaced with the Principal Designer;
  • Domestic Clients are introduced and attract duties;
  • Client duties are more onerous;
  • The threshold for appointment of the Principal Contractor and Principal Designer has changed and is no longer connected to a project requiring to be notified to the HSE;
  • The criteria for submitting notification have changed and the requirement to notify is now a Client duty;
  • The explicit competence requirements for the appointment of duty holders have been removed and replaced with the need for relevant skills, knowledge and experience and where appropriate, training.

At Safety by 286, our team of experienced CDM consultants have fulfilled roles under all three versions of the CDM Regulations. These roles include: the Planning Supervisor, CDM Co-ordinator and currently, the Principal Designer and Adviser to the Principal Designer, discharging the duties on behalf of the Principal Designer.

Fore more information on how we can assist you with discharging your duties and remaining compliant, click on the links below:

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