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E-learning allows you or your employees' to quickly and easily achieve the necessary qualification you need to work smart and stay safe.

Safety By 286 has developed a bespoke e-learning platform,  Trainingmadesimple.co.uk, which provides high quality, cost effective, accredited training, helping employers remain legally compliant.

TrainingMadeSimple.co.uk is a passionate team of health and safety consultants with a vision to make health and safety accessible to the masses and to safeguard wellbeing at work.

We recognise the difficulties that conventional training and on-going training requirements present for employers: lost working time, programming training courses into existing work commitments and the associated financial implications of providing this training.

TrainingMadeSimple.co.uk provides you with the tools to ensure you or your workforce to complete RoSPA accredited courses at a time that is convenient for them.  This allows employers to demonstrate compliance with legislation without resorting to the burdens imposed by using conventional training methods.

Our Courses

Asbestos Awareness Training

Helping you avoid coming into contact with this deadly substance at home and at work.

This course is accredited by RoSPA


Manual Handling Awareness Training

Helping you identify manual handling risk factors, develop safe lifting technique and mitigating the risks from manual handling.

This course is accredited by RoSPA


Working at Height Awareness Training

Helping you manage the risks from working at height and achieving compliance with the Work at Height 2005 Regulations.

This course is accredited by RoSPA


How does it work?

The courses have been designed to be easy to understand and allow users to progress through the content at their own pace.

Each course is split into modules each with a learning outcome quiz.

Upon completion of the course, the user is required to pass a final test to demonstrate understanding of the subject matter.

Training Made Simple courses use a mixture of text, graphics and interactive material throughout the learning process to ensure the e-learning experience is as seamless as possible. 


Once the user has passed the course, a certificate is automatically generated containing the course name, user’s name, date of attainment, date of expiry and the logo of the accreditation body.


You can also check the validity of certificates using the Trainingmadesimple.co.uk Certificate Check service.